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Kenya Elephant Watch Safari
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Kenya Elephant Watch Safari
  Nairobi Vacation Package ( Press Release )

"If you want to spend a few days doing something you will remember for the rest of your life, I suggest you keep company with Oria's treasured elephants." Lorry Patton
Elephant Watch Safaris "An Intimate Experience"
By Oria Douglas-Hamilton
The rationale behind "Elephant Watch Safaris" is borrowed from whale watching; that there is more value in the live animal from people watching it, than there is from killing it for its products of meat, skin and ivory. The idea came to me as I was sitting on the roof of my LandRover, watching elephants. A young female walked towards me and lifted her trunk. I held out my hand to the tip of her long nose and murmured a low rumble-call while her warm breath flowed over my fingers. For a while she remained by the car, flapping her ears, ripping grass and twirling her trunk. As I looked at her closely I felt a silent new friendship was developing.
Elephant Watch Safaris is a first in Africa and I am delighted to be able to offer visitors this new and wonderful experience in the Samburu National Reserve. While venturing into the secret world of elephants, our guests will be looked after in style.

The exotic Camp is perched on the sand banks of the Ewaso Nyiro River, beneath the big Kigelia trees and Acacia Elatiors. It is home to some of the largest bulls in Samburu who can often be spotted resting under the acacia trees or picking up pods. Trees are filled with a multitude of birds and monkeys. The camp has been specially designed for comfort and coolness with wide and breezy desert style tents and bath rooms, accommodating a maximum of eight guests.
Colourful linen and cushions, leather beadwork and local rugs adorn the special beds and furniture made from fallen trees. Many fascinating books, films and information on elephants are provided for guests. Menus will be a fusion of bush gourmet, fresh from the farm, tropical fruit, and drinks with a selection of good wine. At night, little fires and lanterns light up the camp site along the river. Leopards stalk by, while lions and elephants are always nearby. It is the only camp of its kind in Samburu.
Our Elephant Watch guides meet their guests at either of the two airfields and drive them gently through the Reserve spending time with many of our well known elephant families and introducing them to some of the particular Northern inhabitants - the slim necked Gerenuk, Reticulated Giraffe, Grevy Zebras and birds.
Each day opens with a new adventure and fun. Early morning or evening walks along the river, accompanied by the Samburu Warriors to witness the great river crossings of the camels and cattle, medicinal plant collections and some conservation in action to help save the trees, elephant encounters, Samburu ceremonies, and a special visit to Save the Elephant Research Camp.

Samburu National Reserve offers shelter to 66 known family units and approximately 100 bulls, numbering 750 elephants in total. During your safari, you will be looked after by our elephant people and taken right into the midst of elephant world where you will meet some of the great matriarchs and their families, follow the known bulls and share their secret places. Your observations will also contribute to our research to secure a future for the elephants. For the more adventurous types, we will soon be introducing "The Great Elephant Expeditions" across the Northern District. Imagine being the first person to follow a trail recently blazed by an elephant across some of the wildest and most beautiful country in Kenya.
All these rates include:
* Transfers from the Samburu airstrip to the Elephant Camp.
* Full board accommodation, laundry, all drinks and bottled water.
*Elephant watching, game drives, walks, picnics, some active conservation, Samburu ceremonies and the Elephant Research Centre.
*The services of trained staff and guides.
*Park fees, service charge, taxes and donation to Save the Elephants.
A. Three nights, four days -- US$ 2600 for two people sharing
B. Three nights, four days -- US$ 3800 for two adults and two children
C. Rates per day per person:
*US $ 475 per person sharing
*US $ 500 per single tent
*US $ 250 per child 10-12 yrs
*US $ 60 per guide
D. Introducing Daily Elephant Watch Excursions -- US $ 200 per person (minimum 5-6 people)
This rate includes:
*Pickup and drop off at Samburu airfields.
*Park entrance fees, Elephant Watching.
*Box of cold drinks, lunch and fresh juices at the Elephant Watch Camp and a bird walk along the river.
*Lightweight clothes, a large hat and binoculars.
*Casual wear for the evening, a shawl and mosquito repellants.
*Plenty of sunscreen and creams, medicine bag and sunglasses.
*Good walking shoes are essential and lighter shoes for camp.
*Cameras with a long zoom lens and plenty of camera films.
The best times to take an Elephant Watch Safari in Samburu is April to October during the rains and the cooler months. November to March is the hot dry season and is always interesting when the animals stay near the river. Generally the climate in Samburu is hot and dry.
*Samburu does have Malaria. To avoid infection, bring insect repellents and Prophilactics. Our tents are lined with mosquito nets.
*Do contact us about any vaccinations required to visit Kenya.
*We also recommend full medical and travel insurance. EWS can organise emergency evacuation cover with the Flying Doctors' Society of Africa.
*The Samburu Reserve is about an hour's flight from Nairobi.
*You can fly to Samburu twice a day on Air Kenya from Wilson Airport in Nairobi or Nanyuki Airport near Mt Kenya.
*Flights also continue on to the Maasai Mara.
*Private charters to and from Samburu can also be arranged.
For contact information and more on Oria Hamilton click here Olerai House

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