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Hiking & Camping in Costa Rica
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Hiking & Camping in Costa Rica
  San Jose Vacation Package ( Press Release )

CORCOVADO NATIONAL PARK, Costa Rica. 2002: If adventurers want to know where the wild things are, the answer is in Costa Rica's Corcovado National Park, located on the Osa Peninsula's Pacific Coast. The park offers some of the best wildlife viewing in the country and some of the most beautiful and rugged hiking.
From mangrove swamps and coastline to rain and cloud forests, Corcovado National Park shelters the richest diversity of biological species in the country, including more than one-quarter of its tree species. With 139 species of tropical mammals within its boundaries, the park also serves as a last refuge for endangered species such as the puma, ocelot and jaguar.
Package Features
Costa Rica Expeditions new 5 day/4 night package for '02 called Corcovado Los Patos Trek Adventure is aimed at bringing advanced hikers up close and personal to the animals and the terrain of this 136,347 acre parkland. The program combines hiking in remote areas, sleeping in simple tents at isolated field stations, and learning from on-site park rangers and personnel over shared meals.
The payoff: a two-night stay at Costa Rica Expeditions first-class, safari-style Corcovado Lodge Tented Camp overlooking the Pacific Ocean, surrounded by the sounds and smells of the jungle.
After observing the rainforest floor for 3 days - hikers ascent the canopy via Costa Rica Expeditions' ultimate treehouse: The Jungle Canopy Platform. Hiking into the forest for an hour, visitors arrive at a giant Guapinol tree where they don a helmet and harness. After being attached to safety lines each person is individually winched up the tree to the platform 120 feet above the treetops. A naturalist guide accompanies each ascent, armed with a high-powered telescope and a well-trained eye for wildlife spotting in this elevated world of rare bromeliads and orchids, iridescent Blue Morpho butterflies, and troops of monkeys swinging through the trees. To enjoy daylight and evening jungle dwellers fully, arrangements can be made to sleep on the platform.
Package Itinerary
The Los Patos Trek Adventure is one of the rare eco-adventures to begin in Los Patos and cut across the width of Corcovado National Park.
After a short charter air flight from San Jose to Puerto Jimenez, followed by a land transfer to the Rincon River, hikers set out on an intense, uphill trek to Los Patos Field Station. Accommodations are in 2-person tents; meals are shared with park rangers.
The following morning, a 12-mile hike, cutting through the heart of the park brings adventurers to the Sirena Field Station for the best wildlife viewing in all of Costa Rica. Due to the density and size of the trees, the trails are clear of undergrowth. Keep an eye out for herds of White Lipped peccaries in herds of 300 - 400, Baird's tapirs, Silky Anteaters and Red Brocket deer. Accommodations are again in simple tents and meals shared with station personnel. Ice chests filled with cold drinks, water, juices are dropped in by small aircraft.
Day three - fly via charter aircraft to the narrow Carate landing strip. After an hour's beach walk along a deserted strip of Pacific coast, where masses of Scarlet macaws fill the seaside palms, participants arrive at Corcovado Lodge Tented Camp for a two-night stay. This safari-style, eco-camp allows individual, in-depth explorations of the rainforest from the edge of the ocean.
Package Dates & Rates
Departures for the Los Patos Adventure are available throughout the year. The all-inclusive per person cost for two people is $1,209 each; for four people, the cost is $1049 per person. Extra days can be added at any of the destinations and a shorter 3-day/2-night itinerary is available.
About Accommodations
The Tented Camp, a recipient of Conde Nast Traveler's Ecotourism Award, is set on Costa Rica Expeditions' 400-acre, private, rainforest reserve, adjacent to the park. It sits on a rise between the forest and sea just above the beach. Accommodations are in 20 spacious and screened tents elevated on wood platforms. Each has two beds---made up with linens and a welcoming hibiscus on the pillow - a night stand, candles, matches, a large bottle of mineral water and a front porch facing the Pacific Ocean.
Tucked into the hill above the tents is a screened, thatch-roofed dining room where guests enjoy a rich variety of Costa Rican dishes, lots of fresh fruit and vegetables as well as fresh sushi, homemade soups and barbecue specialties -- family style. Nearby on stilts is the thatched and screened bar, slung with hammocks for guests to observe the White Hawk or Black Hawk eagles soaring overhead. Toilet and bathing facilities are in separate buildings on either side of the Camp.
From the Camp's back door, trails rise through Corcovado National Park home to nearly 300 different bird species: hummingbirds, parrots, toucans, Amazon parrots, Scarlet-rumped tanagers, and the country's largest concentration of Scarlet macaws. The prized sighting is that great bird of prey, the Harpy eagle. Wildlife includes Poison-dart frogs, coatimundis (a relative of the raccoon), tayras (bushy-tailed weasels), agoutis (think long-legged guinea pigs) and monkeys -- spider, White Faced capuchin, squirrel and howler.
Booking Information
For additional information and reservations contact: Costa Rica Expeditions: www.costaricaexpeditions.com; e-mail: costaric@expeditions.co.cr; fax: 011 (506) 257-1665; Tele: 011 (506) 257-0766.

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