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Gadgets Galore

A Christmas List of Gadgets.
by Lorry Patton

xmas_tree_04210.jpg Just when you think you have every gadget you need, one comes along that you simply can't do without. The truth is, you can do without most gadgets. However, there are a few that do save time and do make life easier, the true purpose of gadgets. These make great Christmas gifts and I promise you, they won't just take up space in your drawers or closets.
1: Snack Daddy: $7.19 Camping World
If you're anything like me, you wish you had three hands when you're trying to flip a page in a magazine, or batting bugs while sipping coffee outdoors. This little gadget gives you the freedom. It fits on the arm of most camping chairs. A thoughtful stocking stuffer, it even has a slot for that awkward handle on coffee mugs.
2: Thomas Kinkade Candlelight Cottage: $9.50 QVC
Have you checked out night lights lately? From cartoon characters to Tiffany replicas, the designs they come in are too many to mention. They all have one thing in common, however, they all cast a friendly glow to darkness, just enough to make your way around without tripping. Being a collector of miniatures houses, I'm especially charmed by the above holiday cottage.
5: Bug Zapper: $13.49 Camping World
I don't own the Bug Zapper, but I'm tempted to buy it next season. I've been to two outdoor dinners where the zapper was in use. It looks like a tennis racket and it does knock the bugs dead instantly. Both mosquitoes and wasps.
6: 9 Storage Bags $29.36 QVC
These are the bags you've seen advertised on TV, the ones where a dozen jumbo teddy bears fit into a briefcase (well, almost). I'm amazed at how much space air takes. How handy these bags are, where space is at a premium. Just stick your winter comforters and bulky jackets into a bag, suck out the air, and the bag is as flat as a pancake. Lay the bag under your mattress at the foot of your bed. Your clothes are also save from mold and moths. The bags come in a variety of sizes and packages.
7: Prosteam Steam Cleaner $33.82 QVC
Industrial cleaners have been using steam to clean greasy equipment for years. Now, on a much smaller scale you can steam clean at home. This little gadget cleans the guck around faucets, shower stalls, toilets, and more. Just have a rag handy to wipe up the goop the steam doesn't make the dirt vanish, it dissolves it and makes wipe up easy.
8: National Geographic Explorer: $48.88 Walmart
If you own a computer (and who doesn't these days?) you can plan your trip right from doorstep to doorstep with this 17 CD set. The entire road system of United states is on these discs, along with fuel stops, and more. Add a GPS and you'll have a library of information at your fingertips.
9: Homedic 10-Motor Full Body Massager $56.84 Walmart
If you've ever had a massage, you'll know why this pad was a big hit at my birthday party. It was a gift to me, but everybody had to try it and oohed and ahhed during the cycles. It doesn't take up any extra space either, because when you're through with it, just roll it up at the foot of the bed. It's like having your own private masseur and only paying once!.
10: Karcher 1400 PSI Pressure Washer $129.96 QVC
After using this machine a few times -- cleaning widows, decks, lawn chairs my husband said it was the best tool I ever bought him. It's light and powerful and easy to use.
11: CP Global Solar Power Backup System with Battery Saver $319.99 Costco
This system won't energize your entire rig or your home during blackouts, however, it will be a life saver if the only source of power is the sun. The unit operates silently and will run small appliances. Better still, the only tool you need to set it up is a screwdriver.
12: Campers will always appreciate a night or two at a trusted RV park. KOA Gift certificates come in $25 denominations. You can order them online at koa.com, or write to Gift Certificates P.O. Box 30558 Billings, MT 59114.
13: With prices of fuel constantly going up, gas vouchers will also be appreciated by RV'er's. Most gas stations offer them in a variety of denominations.