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World's Top Romantic Places 2004

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World's Top Romantic Places 2004

Lorry Patton
What are the most romantic destinations in the world? Well, since romance is a very personal thing, it's not a simple question. It depends on what gets your heart pumping.
Is it strolling hand in hand at the edge of an ocean, or is it exploring antiquities in ancient ruins? Is it sipping wine in a sidewalk cafe next to a thousand-year old cathedral, or is it soaking in a hot tub on a luxury liner?
To help you decide, I've compiled a few of my favorite romantic places. I've been to them all and written stories about my journeys. The links below each brief outline on the destination are to my stories.
Hawaii, USA:
Hawaii has consistently remained the top romantic getaway for North Americans, since in general, romance means balmy moonlit nights, aromatic breezes, sun-kissed beaches, - attributes befitting the Hawaiian Islands.
Nearly all luxury outer island resorts are self-contained garden-like paradises. Though years ago, the image of hula dancers swaying in the moonlight, just outside our lanai, their soft romantic melodies drifting into our room, is still vivid in my mind.
Mexican Riviera, Mexico:
Mexico's Rivera is high on the list for lovers from Canada and the United States. Accommodating weather, strolling Mariachi entertainers, intimate tavernas on the Malecon, street artists standing by ready to paint your portrait ... Do these images stir your senses? Then Mexico's Riviera is for you.
The Greek Islands, Greece:
A cruise of the Greek Islands is a favorite getaway for sweethearts from every nation - for anniversaries, weddings and blossoming romances. The proof is heard every time dinner is announced over the intercom in seven different languages!
Some couples never leave the ocean liner, content to look at the whirring windmills and white-washed buildings hanging off the island's cliffs from the comforts of the ship's decks. Others choose to stroll the crooked cobblestoned allies in the ancient villages, returning to the ship to slow dance the night away under the sparkling stars. I was the only one on the ship by myself. That's why I can say with confidence that to really get the most out of a Greek Islands cruise you need to have a partner.
Quebec City, Canada:
However spectacular sunsets and white sand beaches can be, romantic places don't need warm weather and breathtaking vistas to be romantic. Quebec City is a favorite of couples from the entire globe. Besides exploring ancient architecture and historical sites together, bundling up in cosy parka's and going sleigh-riding on snow-covered country roads can be very stimulating and heartwarming.
Paris, France:
Paris and romance have been synonymous forever. Paris, where love not only blossoms, it literally blooms, especially in April, when showers insure a good growth. Among the hustle and bustle of the noisy city, you'll see lovers strolling hand-in-hand on Champ Elyseese, lovers relaxing in a bistro in full view of the Arch de Triomphe; lovers dancing to a jukebox in a neighborhood pub and lovers dining on an old steamboat on the River Seine.
Venice, Italy:
It's hard to say what makes Venice one of the most romantic cities on earth. Perhaps romance has to do with contemplation - a mood that seem so appropriate to be in, while floating on flooded streets on a gondola, past old master paintings that belong in museums, listening to the gondolier serenade "Be My Love". You'll think for a minute that you've been caught in a time warp or you are on a movie set and you and your love are the stars of the show. Take lots of pictures to prove that you really were in Venice.
Jeju Island: South Korea:
If home for you is Asia, you are probably aware that Korea's Jeju Island attracts honeymooners from the eastern continents. Nearly every acre of the island's unusual landscape of waterfalls, grottos, rape fields and volcanoes tells a magical or love-struck story. But past lore and romantic tales are not the only attractions on Jeju Island.
The service and the amenities from the hospitality industry are so superior your stay will surely be the most unforgettable. The resort properties are beyond imagination - One such property, the Hotel Paradise, offers a deluxe suite in a cave!
If the brief outlines above and my stories whet your appetite, start researching special romantic packages to the destination, because remember, as important as the destination is, the right accommodations are as important. After all, a romantic holiday includes lots of quality private time.
Lodging must be as spectacular as your pocketbook allows and your heart desires. So choose carefully. Suites come with heart-shaped beds and flickering fireplaces and room service menus include chilled champagne, chocolate-dipped strawberries, massages and breakfast in bed. Dinners are offered in intimate settings, with candlelight and soft music.
This is the time to splurge. You are in love, and you want to go home with memories that will keep "that lovin feeling" alive for years to come.