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Cosmetic Surgery Vacations

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Cosmetic Surgery Vacations

by Lorry Patton
Cosmetic Surgery Vacations are the latest trend, put together by tour planners and physicians. These life- altering holidays can take you to foreign lands, sometimes save you money, and most often, offer you privacy. However, I would caution you, because all surgery is serious, before you make such a commitment, do extensive research on the qualifications of the doctor who will be changing your appearance as well as his or her responsibilities should there be any complications. For example, can you sue? Is the clinic or the doctor insured?
Let us review the reasons for a cosmetic holiday and offer some suggestions:
Cosmetic vacations are an appealing option if you are inclined to keep your surgery private. Friends, associates, even family can be kept in the dark. Of course, you'll need to stay away from home long enough for the bruises and swelling to go away. (Anywhere from a week to several weeks, depending on what you have done).
Add a few days to your trip before or after the procedure for some relaxing body massages and you'll return home looking refreshed and feeling wonderful. Just be aware, you won't be sunbathing, swimming, playing golf or shopping on this vacation. However well you heal, this won't be a holiday in the real sense.
Saving Money:
Many cosmetic packages take you to countries like Mexico and Costa Rico, where costs for surgery can be considerably less than in the United States. However, be sure post operative care and travel expenses are included in the package.
The surgery itself rarely exceeds a few hours in an outpatient clinic, but you will need personal attention anywhere from 24 to 48 hours after the procedure. This is a time when infections can occur.
Aftercare facility costs can be very high. As well, if your surgery involves getting stitches removed, you'll need accommodations beyond the initial few days - anywhere from a week to 10 days. There is also the chance that you may need a follow up visit.
Ultimately, find out if your package includes these costly extras by reading the fine print before signing the agreement.
Occasionally, you may barter.
Qualified Doctors:
If you decide on a cosmetic holiday outside the United States or Canada, be aware that not every country operates equally. Therefore, do diligent research on the country's health practices.
There are excellent surgeons throughout the world, however, what are the standards for certification in the destination you are considering? For example, cosmetic surgeons who operate in Canada and the United States are certified by either the American or the Canadian Board of Facial Plastic Surgery.
American and Canadian cosmetic high standards are easily evaluated and the doctors credentials are easily examined. That might not be the case in the country you are considering. Once again, be diligent.
When you're content the rules to becoming certified are satisfactory you must find out about the physician who will be working on you. Even countries like United States and Canada with their more stringent rules have their share of charlatans.
Some Questions
What are the qualifications of your doctor? Does he or she focus on one procedure or is the surgeon a 'Jack' or 'Jill of all Trades'. Does he or she keep up with the latest techniques and advances in that field? How long has he or she been operating? Doctors do improve with practice. Ask about his or her safety records. Are they insured? Ask to speak to past patients. Are they satisfied? What hospital or clinic will the surgery be performed? What are their rules for hygiene?
The above research is very critical. After all, you will literally be placing your life in the surgeon's hands.
One Good Reason
The most reassuring evaluation of the cosmetic surgeon you are investigating is to get a recommendation from your personal physician or from someone you know that has undergone the procedure. In fact, knowing that you will be in the hands of a good doctor is the very best reason for you to consider a cosmetic surgery vacation.