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New Intel Museum Exhibits
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New Intel Museum Exhibits
  California Travel Event ( Press Release )

New Intel Museum Exhibits Celebrate 35 Years of Technology Innovations
Santa Clara, California: The Intel Museum unveils five major new exhibits in January that bring the history, products, and technology of the 35-year-old corporation to life through interactive, multimedia displays.
The new exhibits - which occupy nearly half the museum - include a global view of Intel and its locations; an extensive timeline capturing Intel's growth from a 12-person company in 1968 to a multinational corporation with more than 80,000 employees today; a multimedia presentation of Intel's work culture; examples of Intel products in Internet and communications systems; and descriptions of the engineering and manufacturing precision involved in packaging and testing computer chips.
"More multimedia experiences and hands-on interactivity have been added to the museum," says Tracey Mazur, Intel Museum curator. "They raise the level of visitor involvement in the museum, and complement existing exhibits that show how computer chips are designed and manufactured in ultra-clean, highly automated factories."
Global Intel
Upon entering the museum, visitors learn of Intel's worldwide operations at "Global Intel." The technology manufacturer has been an international corporation almost from its start-up, opening a sales office in Geneva, Switzerland, a year after Intel's founding. Global Intel highlights several of the more than 30 countries where Intel has major factories and sales offices. The exhibit includes close-ups on Ireland, Malaysia, the Philippines, and China.
Intel Timeline
Visitors get an in-depth, retrospective look at Intel's 35-year history in the "Intel Timeline," where the evolution of Intel technology is traced, from early primitive memory chips that stored under 1,000 bits of data, to today's flash memory chips that store millions of bits. They can also see Intel's first microprocessor, a product that has forever altered the way we learn, work, play, and communicate, as well as Intel's microprocessors, memory chips, and other products that have made possible everything from "smart" traffic lights and video games to personal computers and factory robots.
Photos and artifacts from the Intel Museum's extensive archives are displayed, including the company's original one- page business plan, old and new products, early and recent personal computers, computer boards, advertising from over the years, newspaper and magazine articles, awards and more. Interactive, multimedia presentations let visitors locate and view historical events on a year-by-year basis and "zoom" in on computer chips at several levels of magnification.
Intel Culture Theater
Almost as well known as Intel's products are its distinct business practices, values, and goals. Visitors get to understand what it's like to work at the world's largest computer chip manufacturer through the "Intel Culture Theater." The new multimedia presentation provides an inside look into Intel's culture, which includes a risk-taking, disciplined, and results-oriented - yet fun - business environment.
Anywhere, Anytime
While people are generally aware that Intel's chips serve as the "brains" of most of the world's personal computers, less well known is that the company's products fuel powerful Internet servers, networking and communications equipment, and cell phones and other wireless digital devices. "Anywhere, Anytime" highlights flash memory, networking products, and other Intel innovations that run today's Internet and communications systems.
Package and Test After a computer chip is fabricated in an ultra-clean Intel factory, it must be placed in a protective package and then thoroughly tested before being shipped to a customer. "Package and Test" shows how computer chip packaging and testing technology have evolved along with computer chip technology itself.
About the Museum
The new exhibits join several existing ones that demonstrate how computer chips are made and how they function. Also located in the museum is a learning lab where computer-based, hands-on science classes are provided for school- age children, and the Intel Museum Store, the only gift shop open to the public at a high-tech company in Silicon Valley.
Planning a visit
The Intel Museum is located at 2200 Mission College Blvd. in Santa Clara, Calif. It is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday, and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, excluding holidays. Admission and parking are free. The museum is a self-guided experience with audio handsets available in English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. Free guided tours and science classes are available to groups with advance reservations.
For more information, visit: www.intel.com/go/museum or call (408) 765-0503.

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